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Become A Registered And Practicing Nurse In Canada

The demand for healthcare workers across Canada is increasing owing to the fact that there is an increasing labor shortage and aging population, the demand for healthcare workers is predicted to rise over the next several years.

You must possess the requisite certification to become a registered and practicing nurse in Canada.

Nursing in Canada is usually categorized into two groups, Registered Practical Nurse and Registered Nurse.

There are six classes of registration of nurses in Canada which include: Extended, General, Special Assignment, Temporary, Non-Practising, and Emergency Assignment.

Canada has a strict regulatory body that governs nurses in each province, and they are responsible for setting regulations and requirements that must be adhered to before you can enter the profession to ensure a great standard of nursing practice and quality delivery of service.

Internationally Educated Nurses

If you receive your education and certification outside Canada, you will be required to complete a bridging course specifically for nursing registration.

The aim of this program is to provide you with the knowledge and clinical experience necessary to meet the practical requirements set by the regulatory bodies.

After completion of the bridging program, the regulatory body will receive a verification of the course completion as proof of eligibility and practice.

The bridging course will prepare you how to effectively participate as a team member and to offer support to clients.

The certification ensures you practice your profession within the ethical and legislative framework, and effectively develop and sustain a therapeutic relationship with clients.

Registration Requirements

To become a registered and practicing nurse in Canada, internationally educated nurses are required to obtain a General Certificate of Registration.

International applicants must meet the following registration requirements to become eligible for registration.

  • Proof of language ability (proficiency if English or French)
  • Completion of a nursing program equivalent to a practical nursing diploma or a four-year bachelors degree in nursing
  • Nursing practice in the category the international student is applying within three years prior to the issuance of the Certificate of Registration
  • International students applying for Registered Nurse must complete the NCLEX-RN or CPNRE for those applying for Registered Practical NurseProof of authorization to work in Canada

Class Of Nursing Registration

International applicants who wish to become a licensed nurse in Ontario is obliged to belong to one of the following Classes of Registration.

  • General: Both Registered Practical Nurses and Registered Nurses belong in this class. To qualify to register for this class, applicants must have practical nursing experience within the past three years. You must be registered in your area of practice as evidence of practical before your experience will be recognized.
  • Special Assignment: Nurses who have an appointment as Registered Nurses or Registered Practicing Nurses with an approved facility in Ontario can register for this class. Members of this class are not allowed to practice outside their scope of the appointment.
  • Extended (Nurse Practioner): Registered Nurses who practice as Nurse Practitioners because of advanced clinical or educational experience belong to this class.
  • Temporary: This class is for members who have satisfied all registration requirements but are yet to complete the registration examination. However, under defined terms and conditions they are allowed to practice.
  • Emergency Assignment: This class of nurses is required upon emergencies. The Provincial government may ask the college to issue an Emergency Assignment certificate of registration to qualified nurses in time of emergency.
  • Non-Practicing: This class of represents members who want to remain college members without practicing nursing in Ontario.