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The Royal Greenhill Institute Of Technology (RGIT) International Scholarships

The Greenhill Institute Of Technology is hosting a scholarship award for international students from different parts of the world. The scholarship is awarded to only students who wish to study at Greenhill Institute Of Technology at the Undergraduate level and in the following fields. Business, Leadership, Global Management, Information Technology, Hospitality Management Community Services, Hospitality taught at Royal Greenhill Institute of Technology.

The Institute plans to provide a good environment where students can get the best education at an affordable and reduced cost. The scholarship award will help qualified students reduce the tuition cost and also attract more students to come and study at Royal Greenhill.

The university is looking for students who are smart, skilled, and those who have a good academic grade or outstanding. And winners of the competition don’t need to pay for tuition anymore since the award provides tuition fee waivers.

Scholarship Benefits:

The Royal Greenhill Institute of Technology will provide selected student tuition fees for the first term of study of the chosen course. International Students have a good opportunity to study in Australia, you will need the scholarship to help you afford your fees and pay for other costs as well.

Courses Eligible for this Scholarship

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must apply to study at the Royal Greenhill Institute of Technology

In the following courses:

  1. Business
  2. Leadership and Management
  3. Community Services
  4. Hospitality
  5. IT

Who is Eligible for this Scholarship?

Applicants must ensure that they secure admission at the Royal Greenhill Institute of Technology. Students must also ensure that the scholarship will run for the duration of their studies.

For continuing RGIT students

  • Students’ application will be assessed based on the following:
  • All applications were submitted on or before the deadline.
  • Received a Competency mark on the first attempt in all units scheduled during the previous term
  • Maintained satisfactory weekly attendance throughout the term, and
  • Participated positively and diligently in all aspects of the course

For new students (not currently enrolled with RGIT)

  1. Applicants must show an excellent academic record.
  2. Applicants must show that dedication to study at RGIT and should apply for a course program at the University.
  3. Write a self-assessment report to support your application, and this must cover the following:
    • Why you believe you should be awarded a scholarship
    • Why your chosen course is the best choice for you
    • Any other information you wish to include that supports your application.

How to Apply for this Scholarship

  • To begin your application, you must first ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria for the scholarship.
  • After you apply for a course program at RGIT, you can then proceed to download the application form, fill it out thoroughly and submit it along with other requested documents.
  • You should ensure you submit the scholarship form and other documents before the deadline as late applications will not be considered.

Application Website

To get additional information about the scholarship and how to apply, you should visit the scholarship official webpage.

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