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York University International Student Scholarships

The york university located in Ontario Canada is a reputable institution that has paved the way for many students. Their sole aim is to find a way to solve financial problems for the brightest minds who have performed or performing well in academics. The york university International Student Scholarship is a way to help bridge that problem for students.

York University offers the Global Leader of Tomorrow Scholarships and the International Entrance Scholarships of Distinction specifically for international students who would like to take a full-time undergraduate degree at the University of York. Like other types of scholarship, the York University International Student Scholarship are sought after very sound and bright student.

However, being academically sound alone does not cut it. Students must also be able to be active in other school activities during their stay at the university. The University is majorly looking out for those who possess leadership skills in their undertakings. Also, students who are outspoken and intelligent with words.

Host Institution

As earlier stated, the York University International Student Scholarships are made possible by the York University. In other words, applicants must seek to get admission into the school.

Target Group

This scholarship is strictly for international students who have found it difficult to financially put themselves through school.

Scholarship value/inclusions:

Global Leader of Tomorrow Award: $80,000 ($20,000 x 4 years)

International Entrance Scholarship of Distinction: $140,000 ($35,000 x 4 years)

All scholarships above are renewable for three years of full-time undergraduate study, provided high academic standing is maintained in each academic year.

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for the Major International Scholarships, you must meet ALL of the following criteria as you must;

  • be an international student who is required to have a Study Permit to study in Canada;
  • apply to an undergraduate degree program at York that begins in Fall 2021;
  • have applied to York directly from high school no more than two years after graduation, and have no previous university or college studies;
  • obtain an excellent academic record with a minimum “A” average or equivalent;
  • have demonstrated leadership through community service or excellence in the arts, sports, or other areas of individual achievement;
  • be nominated by their high school (schools may nominate one student only)

(i) The nominated student will be considered for the International Entrance Scholarship of Distinction, the Global Leader of Tomorrow Award, the International Circle of Scholars Scholarships, and the York University Academic Excellence Scholarships

(ii) Candidates must speak to their school guidance counselor, principal, or administration about the York International Student Scholarship & Award Application, and receive confirmation that they are the individual from that school who has been nominated

(iii) The candidate must then provide the name, position, e-mail, and phone number of the nominator in the application form

  • Must upload one letter of recommendation

Application Instructions

2021-2022 Applications are currently closed.

To apply, you must complete the International Student Scholarship & Award Application form online. A 9-digit York reference number is required, which you will receive within 5 business days of applying to York. You must submit your application to York by 15 January 2021 at the latest. The deadline for applications is 1 February 2021.

It is important to visit the official website (link found below) to access the application form and for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship.


Official Scholarship Website: Apply Here